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Front end of 95 Lumina shaking

There were several problems but now only one. When I’m driving, and leveling off at a speed, it feels like the transmissions drops into gear. If I accelerate, it shakes harder for a few MPH increase, if I take my foot off and then accel it does fine. But as soon as it levels off it shakes again.

I’ve replaces plugs, wires, 1 ignition coil, fuel filter, air filter, trans fluid, oil, both filters. One mech told me to put fuel injector cleaner in I did for a year and nothing! One friend who is at school for autos asked about a torque converter… Does this sound plausible or are there any other ideas? Thx

I meant when it drops into gear, the front end starts shaking…

Torque converter clutch (TCC) shudder is certainly one possibility. If you have an “O/D Off” button try driving around with it off for a while and see what happens. Alternatively, try driving around in 3 rather than D for a while. Either of those often leave the TCC lockup turned off.

There was recently a lengthy thread on disconnecting the TCC: You could try that too.

Of course, it could also be something else entirely. E.g. TCC shudder would not often be described specifically as a “front end” problem. Has a good quality front end/alignment shop inspected everything? Look especially at motor/trans mounts.

You might also be having inner CV joint problems. Or other things…

I don’t have an “O/D Off” button. But I did have the third gear. The first few days, I tried driving around, and when the car started shaking, I would put it in 3rd. Every time, the shaking stopped. Then I started driving it only in 3rd. Never shook. Of course it did rev high, but no shaking…

I have been to have my front aligned several times since I’ve had this problem, and at this count, it’s been to 6 different mechanics for the same problem… Hopefully they checked the mounts, and joints.

Does this make TCC shudder more likely? If so, what type of shop do I take it to?

This most certainly sounds like TCC shudder. What you need is a good local and independent transmission shop - i.e. not a chain place like AAMCO or something. It won’t likely be an easy or cheap fix, but a good shop can evaluate it and tell you what needs to be done.

One other thing, I’ve noticed. It doesn’t do it all the time… I can’t find a patter of when it is / isn’t shaking. It is shaking more than it isn’t, so does that make the solenoid more of a possibility, vs the actual TCC?