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Front end alignment

I need a front end alignment and tires, which should i do first, but tires or have the alignment?

Tires and then alignment. But don’t wait, get it done soon. If the ft end is out badly it will adversely affect the new tires.

I would do the alignment first. You can easily cause bad wear on a new set of tires in a few days if it is way off, and it can be off even if it does not pull to either side.

Check the mechanics listed in the files here, and call and ask if they do a four wheel alignment. If not, check elsewhere. If your model does not have rear adjustment, ask if they can shim it into spec. Again, if not, try someplace else. A good alignment shop can do all the above to get everything within spec.

Typically they are done on the same day.Work a deal to get the alignment at a reduced rate since your getting tires.

Thank You, you have given the best advice.

Respectfully, IMHO that was not the best advise, but it was the advise you wanted to hear.

The reason I say this is if the old tires are real bad the alignment might be done correctly if it can be done at all.

call the shop and ask thier opinion.

Tires do not affect your alignment whatsoever. The alignment machine is attached to the WHEELS of the car. Bent wheels will affect your alignment, not worn tires. The worn tires can also tell a competant alignment shop what kind of trouble you may be having.

Preferably always have an alignment first if the same shop is not putting on your tires.

Tire places usually do front end alignments. Get the tires at the same time or the day before the alignment.