From Quora: What have you discovered cleaning a newly-bought used car?

$20 bill. Loose change containing a 1953 dime.

Did not read the article. But several months after selling my car realized I left some of my favorite CDs in the changer.
Used boat I found a folding Buck brand knife.

Five qts oil, filter, eight plugs, ignition wires, brake shoes, battery cables, two gallons of anti-freeze. If there was anything else I can’t remember.
I removed the new tires with old wheels and installed them on my Cadillac. I eventually got $40 for the radiator which I had traded for a Ford radiator. I sold a brake rotor for $25. The new speakers went in the Caddy, the stereo went in the Lincoln. I used ten of the tail light and parking light sockets. The brake shoes went on my Impala. I then called the junkyard and they gave me $25 for the rest of the car. I didn’t get the Impala until the year after. I almost looked under the seats for loose change. I paid $250 for the 1971 Buick and got all the parts plus the $90. I bought it for the new tires that were on it. I guess I forgot to remove the w/w motor or the washer pump.

I mostly found things in old half dead motor scooters I buy to revive. Lots of crappy screwdrivers, a decent vice-grip, a SF Giants hat, a 38 caliber bullet, and the ghost of a lot of failed repairs by people who didn’t know what they were doing. You can buy an old scooter that won’t start pretty cheap, and most will start with an hour or two of adjusting.

I don’t remember ever finding much of anything. I did find original purchase documents for one of my Rivs though.

Now what I have left in the cars that I got rid of is another matter. When I dumped the Riv at a dealer, I put all the old or back up parts for it in the trunk. Like computer, coil, etc. Why not? I’d have to throw them out.

When my wife broke her leg, I bought a used wheel chair. It sat around for a couple years afterward and didn’t know what to do with it. When I called the junk yard to come get the Olds, I put the wheel chair in the trunk.

A cheap 9 millimeter shoved behind a loose interior panel. The pistol was probably worth as much the SUV! I’m just glad the price negotiations went well.