Friction: the biggest enemy of mechanical efficiency


Tom & Ray:There is a new product out there,developed by the Dept. of Energy at the Argonne National Laboratory, originally for NASA. It is called Motor Silk (distributed by Evergreen America)and has since been both patented and licensed by the D.O.E.! Motor Silk is made up of hydrated boron molecules, which, when introduced to an engine (or any machine)via oil, transmission fluid or fuel, create a near diamond-hard, self-replenishing (permanent) and extremely slippery surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.01, the lowest ever achieved. Friction is reduced by over 80%, engine wear by over 90%! This stuff is environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable and will not void any warranties. The implications of what Motor Silk could do to improve mechanical efficiency, world wide, and to make a HUGE dent in energy waste is something I think we should all be looking into. This is my second attempt to bring this product to your attention. I would very much like to know what your opinion of it might be. Google: Motor Silk and/or to satisfy your curiosity.

Yours, Barnaby


Wow! Hydrated Boron Molecules! Wow! IT’S A MIRACLE!

Thanks, Barnaby, for bringing this miracle product to our attention. I’m sure adding a bottle of Motor Silk to my car’s engine will make the engine last forever and use virtually NO gasoline. I’ll never need to buy another car. WOW!

I can’t wait!


Is it a floor polish or a desert topping?


I’m not familiar with that, but it’s been rumored that someone developed a stuff(coatings or something like that) which enables combustion engines to run without using any bushings/bearings.

Thanks for the information, but I’m happy with Castrol.


And the patent number? And the patenter? And the reputable testing facility? It SOUNDS good; but, all such type products SOUND good!


Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…


hydrated boron molecules New? That old trick was around in the 60’s. Can’t you come up with something new? Better year how about something that really works as claimed?


Barnaby…please stay off this website…We don’t want or need your stupid little spam attempts. You are NOT welcome here.


Moderator, you should pull this entire thread. Barnably is obviously a two-bit huckster using the site in an attempt to palm off yet another worthless product.


On the other hand, having the post here may just enable us to prevent a few poor victims from wasting money on this worthless snake oil.

Folks, the best way to save gas is the egg. Put one in the middle of your passenger seat and drive so that it never rolls off. I guearntee you’ll save gas. I know I would!


It’s a floor polish, it’s a desert topping, it’s a wax, it’ll even scrub your toilet squeaky clean while making an excellent glaze for your Christmas ham/turkey.


I remember when Teflon was developed for NASA. And it worked for those applications.

But then someone came out with an oil that contained Teflon.

DuPont came back and said that they were not responsible for any damage that might occur from using an oil product that contained Teflon.

Aint it funny how history repeats itself?



So Barnaby, what’s your real first name? Not Dave or Richard by chance? Or Richard’s wife?

A look around shows that Evergreen America is one of those Delaware incorporated businesses. Simple to set up shop there, dirt cheap, and the most important factor of all - in Delaware corporate officers can remain anonymous and be immune to lawsuits due to fraud.

It appears that Evergreen America also has a corporate partnership with these guys.

It also appears that American Guardian “requires” the use of this garbage to maintain warranty coverage?
Why doubt either one, huh?


Yee hee hee. Another miracle cure. You sure it doesn’t use mouse droppings instead of boron molecules. I’ll bet they are selling sales franchises too.