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Frequency of oil change for honda fit

I last changed the oil in my Honda Fit last Dec, 2100 miles ago. The dashboard readout today says “70% Oil Life”. We had a long cold winter in midcoast Maine and most of my driving was short trips around town. Should I wait another 2990 miles to change the oil? I drive about 6000 miles per year. I understand the car’s computer considers distance and rpm’s when figuring the oil life but does it consider low temperatures and the type of driving?

Your owner’s manual can best advise you.

It will do no harm to change your oil tomorrow if you are so inclined. Nor will it be bad to wait until the silly readout reports 95% or 99% usage. Or even 110%. These gadgets have a large safety factor built in. So use the readout as a guidepost, not as a command.

The computer considers EVERYTHING in calculating the oil change interval. I think it’s safe to trust the Honda engineers. Don’t waste money and oil by changing unnecessarily. At 6K miles per year, you should be changing once a year. Anything more frequent is wasteful.