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Freight charges?

Dumb question… Are these included only when you order direct from the factory, or even when buying a new car off the lot?

The shipping charge is included on every car. The cars already on lot had to come from the same factories that the ones that were specifically ordered did.

Dealers incur shipping charges for the vehicles shipped to them. The question is whether those charges are passed on to the consumers?

That is a standard charge whether the car is ordered or from a dealer lot on brand new(never titled) cars only.

That cost is ALWAYS passed to the customer. The differences are in the book-keeping at any individual dealer. If it’s shown as a seperate line item or just rolled into the base cost of the vehicle, you’re paying it just the same.

The freight charge is fixed by the factory and attached to every car that rolls off the assembly line; special ordered or right off the lot.
The charge is the same no matter how far the car is shipped. Across the street or a 1000 miles away it’s all the same and the purchaser of the car must pay it.

It’s not a dumb question at all.

The charge is real, but like everything when you buy a car, it can be a negation point if you like. When buying don’t worry about how they come up with that final number, just worry about that final number. If you like to bargain, turn it around and tell them you might be wiling to pay a small part of that freight (tell them it is a good will jester, but you consider it a cost of business to them and you don’t want to pay it all. Then keep you eye on one thing, that final out the door price.

well stated.