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Four Wheel Drive

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 1997. The question is on my four wheel drive I have four hose coming from my transfer case. Three hoses are medium size and other one is a lager size what do they do for a four wheel drive system? Would that cause the four wheel drive not to engaged in any of those hoses?

A service manual for your truck would probably answer these questions. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I don’t have a service manual for a '97 Ram 1500 4WD. If I did, I’d look it up.

I do, however, have service manuals for the vehicles I own. They are worth their weight in gold (the manuals, not the vehicles), even at today’s inflated prices.

They are probably vacuum hoses. On a 4x4 with an automatic transfer case, vacuum is used to engage the transfer case itself but also the freewheeling hubs. If any of them are disconnected or broken, it could definitely cause the 4 wheel drive to stop working. A service manual will be necessary for further diagnosis.

I agree. Spending a little can save a lot. (Service Manual)

Chrysler used a Micky-Mouse system of disengaging the front axle with a Rube Goldberg vacuum servo/switch set-up. When it is working, there is usually a dashboard display panel that lights up proclaiming the front axle managed to engage itself. The three vacuum lines going to the T-case selector lever are 1) vacuum from the engine (supply line to vacuum switch). 2) “engage” line to front axle. 3) “Disengage” line to front axle.

All of this trouble-prone stuff so the driver was spared the chore of using locking hubs…

The light does not come on any more and the four wheel never engaged it self. Can you tell me which hose it could be that could be bad that would cause my Four wheel drive not to work?