Forester misfire

I have a 2001 forester. it had a misfire which has been fixed but I can’t get the “check engine” light to turn off. Any suggestions?

How do you know its been fixed? How long have you been driving around with the light still on? The computer’s clearing of it only happens after a certain number of trouble free drive cycles. Perhaps you should have the codes read again. When they are read, whomever is operating the scanner/code reader can clear any codes present. Then you wait to see if they come back.

They CAN clear the codes, but in many states they are forbidden by law to do so. It has to do with having no MIL turned on during a smog check.

Maybe the CEL is telling you there’s more than one problem, with the misfire possibly contributing to any or all of them; especially if the misfire went on for a while.