Ford's new Driver Assist Technology

… might be more advanced than Tesla’s Autopilot system.


A side note… I really, really hate the “added-on” look of touch screens like many manufacturers are doing now. Ford, Mercedes, BMW all have these touch screens that look like a DIY install. I prefer integrated screens.

THIS, however is a bit disturbing;

“the system will alert you via a series of escalating warnings. If those fail, eventually the vehicle will slow down, ultimately stopping in its lane.”

Seems like this could cause some problems. Not sure how this should be addressed. Thoughts anyone?

I think if it’s going to stop the car, it should activate the flashers.

“No matter how new, the safest device in the car is you”, Dan Matthews, Highway Patrol.
I have been watching re-runs of Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford as Dan Matthews. I watch it mostly to look at the cars of the 1950s. I know that today’s cars are much safer, but I would still rather have a safe driver behind the wheel than all these autopilots.


Ooh, oooh! I can buy this add-on for my new Mach-E for up to $7000? I’ll let early adopters tell me how it works. I understand that Ford is testing it thoroughly before release, but I’m not inclined to go for it, even for a grand or two.

Probably preferable to the vehicle continuing down the road while the driver is zoned out, at least IMHO.

I agree with that! I’d prefer to see the system drive the car onto the shoulder before it parks but that opens up a can 'o worms, too.

What if the emergency in question does not allow time for an “escalating series of warnings”?

Then the “driver assist” would take appropriate action just like on any other car with such equipment.

That could well mean the occupants are going to die no matter how quickly any driver assist system works.