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Ford Taurus SHO 94 - strange knocking

yes, I have several ‘misbehaving’ cars.

this one is a Ford Taurus SHO.

I hear a kncking sound under the driver side floor board almost in the wheel well.

I let the car run in the driveway and didnt hear it.

Even when I turned the wheel, nothing.

Only when I hit a curve or rough road or sometimes a bump.

Is it my shocks/struts?

Or something far worse like my CV or ball joints?

It might not be a bad idea to have the front end checked by a mechanic.

Also, make sure the hood hinge bolts are tight. A few years ago my 2000 Blazer made a rattle/knocking noise every time it hit a bump. It turned out that the holes in the hinge bracket had elongated and there was play between the hinge and the bolt. Tightening the hinge bolts and installing conical washers stopped the noise. Try wedging a piece of cardboard between the hood and the fender in the hinge area and see if that makes a difference.

Ed B.

It could be a lot of things. Is this one knock or a series of knocks?

Beadsandbeads is right on. It could be any number of things. But it sounds like it could be the sway bar link. If you have the original plastic Ford links it is likely they are bad. Replace them with steel greasable ones. Moog, Raybestos and others make good quality aftermarket links that are better made. I am told the Autozone Duralast is made by Moog.

Try to get more info on the symptoms and report back.

I had a friend who had a knocking sound on his taurus (can’t recall if it was a SHO) and his motor mounts were severly screwed. Made a very terrible sound. Something to think about…