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Ford Taurus 99 wont do anything

My cousin used the car to go to the groceries store, he used the copy of my key for it, (although before him my ex used the car everyday using that key and this never happened before) anyways, the car wont do anything, lights dont work, nothing work other than a noise that is like when you leave the blinkers on, and the cellphone charger, other than that nothing else work, so i dont know what is going on with the car. plz help me i need the car working.

The first and most simple solution is your battery is shot and you need a new one.

I tried jumping the car and nothing happened, i mean when the cables where connected the car didnt do anything still, no lights no nothing

If your battery is completely dead you may need to leave the jumpers on for about 20 minutes with the other car running to get your car started.

Check to see if voltage is getting to the fuse panel under the hood. If the fuses don’t have power getting to them then check the main fuse and the lead from the battery for a problem. Power must get to that panel for things to happen.

When you turn the key to “ON” (not “start”), do the normal dashboard lights light up? Does the radio work?

radio been broken since i got the card, and well nothing works as far as dashboard lights or anything, just the cellphone charger

It sounds like power is at least getting somewhere. Your first step to correct this problem is to check the fuses in the fuse panel under the hood and verify power is getting to all of them using a test light probe. It may also be a good idea at this time to clean the battery connections.

Get a battery terminal cleaner from any car parts store and clean the terminals. That’s the first suspect.