Ford Taurus (1999 FFV) head gasket

My mechanic informed me that I have a blown head gasket (or two) & I would be better off replacing my engine. My car is a 1999 Ford Taurus LX (V6 Vulcan engine). It is a Flex Fuel vehicle. I live in central Illinois (Champaign-Urbana). Anyone out there with an appropriate engine for sale, or any suggestions/advice. I took the car in because I don’t get enough heat in the cabin & what I do get is strongly tinged with a burning oil smell. My mechanic diagnosed it as a possible blown head gasket and confirmed his theory by discovering a taut (full of forced air) hose between the engine and radiator (I may not be using the right jargon, I’m not knowledgeable about cars). He also found a lot of pressure in the coolant refill container, and when he released the cap on this container, the same hose seemed considerably relaxed. Thanks for your feedback.

Before you spend that kind of money…get a second opinion.

Yep…get another opinion. This one doesn’t sound…quite right, shall we say.

My vote is also for another opinion. There will be pressure in the coolant bottle and taut hoses when the engine is warmed up. That’s normal.

What you’ve posted at this point is no basis for a head gasket fault.