Ford rear struts

1995 ford escort wagon. One rear strut is leaking. Recommended replace both at cost of $450.

My question: Are the struts critical? I hate to put money into car that will be replaced before too long. It is used only locally, say within ten mile radius.

Would appreciate hearing from you on this.

Very critical. In a panic situation you could easily loose control of the vehicle.

$450 seems awfully high. Is this from the dealer? I’d check around other shops.

Critical ?? these are your rear shocks. Ford struts sell @79.99 each (list 100.63) check parts prices at AutoZone, Checker and the like. Shop around for labor.

What kind of 10-mile radius driving? I might say O.K., if you promise not to go above 25 mph.

Are the struts critical?

It’s like having insurance - you never know if you’ll need it. As MikeInNh noted, there may be an emergency maneuver you’ll need to make some day where having good struts is the difference between staying in control or loosing control of your vehicle. The odds of that happening may be low, but the cost quite high.

Your struts are as critical as your legs; they HOLD UP THE CAR! Any flaw in the proper operation, as pointed out, will affect the safe handling of your car. In most countries/states you would be pulled off the road with such a problem and told to fix it right away.

Please get it fixed properly before you have an accident.