Ford Ranger Wheels

I have a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge 4 x 2 with aluminum wheels. I want to put snow tires on a pair of steel wheels. Is there any issue with having aluminum wheels on the front and steel wheels on the rear?


No problem having alloys on the front and steel rims on the rear, but why would you want to do that? Aside from cost, I mean.

This is JMHO, but for starters alloy wheels take a beating during the winter months especially where road salt is used (PLUS, between the two, the steel will come out ahead of the alloy if it slides into a curb).

Your vehicle will handle MUCH better with 4 matching ‘WINTER’ tires (on steel rims) than just 2.

I say ‘winter’ tires as the rubber in these tires remains flexible to much colder temperatures than snow tires. A flexible tire means better traction.

To explain not using 2 snows on the rear means: (aside from the ‘snows’ being a stiffer tire when cold and thus less traction) putting 2 ‘snows’ or even just 2 ‘winter’ tires on the rear means your front (radial?) tires won’t have the same traction and will make the vehicle more prone to a poor stopping ability and spin outs.

Not a good idea to have 2 snows on the rear. An acquaintance did that, and rear-ended the same bus 3 times on the way to work - luckily the bus had a rubber bumper, no damage, but the front tires, that do most of the braking and steering, had no traction. 4 snows is the way to go.