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Ford Ranger pinging under acceleration

Our 2007 Ford Ranger PJ 4x4 3L diesel automatic pings slightly on acceleration when the engine is not loaded. When pulling a caravan it pings very badly for an extended time. I release the throttle slightly to stop the pinging. If the EGR is not functioning, engine light on and scan tool displaying code 2143, there is no sign of a ping under any conditions. I did need to replace the Timing Reference Sensor on the flywheel housing due to a fault.

I would get the fuel injector timing checked.
Was this done when the timing reference sensor was changed?

Are you certain of your fuel quality? What is the cetane rating? What is the temperature there? What is the boost limit?

Ford Ranger 2007 PJ 4x4 3L diesel automatic pinging.
I did not check the ignition timing after fiting the Timing Reference Sensor.
The fuel quality and cetane rating are correct as I have refilled at least 15 times with different brand fuels in different parts of Australia. The ambient air temperature has been in the 30’s C. The engine is running at the correct temperature.
I believe the EGR is the key as it does not ping with the EGR disabled.

“I did not check the ignition timing”

There is no ignition on a diesel.
And with a gas engine disabling EGR would increase pinging.
So whatever is happening is very different from gas engine spark knock.
Better take it to a diesel mechanic.

@Sooty where on earth are you?


Here in the US we never had a diesel Ford Ranger. And if we did, it’s so long ago that I forgot.

My advice is to jump on some other car advice forum, perhaps in the country where you’re at.
I doubt that many of us stateside folks have much experience with diesel Ford Rangers.
I’ve never even heard of that fault code. I’m not even sure you have an OBD 2 vehicle!
If that means anything.

Can you post a picture of the truck and the engine please?

Good luck!

The Ford Ranger in Australia is a rebadged Madza BT50. I will post an engine picture tomorrow.
The engine is a 3 liter turbo-intercooled diesel. I will be seeing the Ford service people in the next couple of days. I will inform you of the outcome.

The 2007 Frod Ranger PJ 4x4 3L diesel is a rebadged Madza BT50.

@Sooty Thanks for the picture and the information.

Our Ford Rangers look quite different.
Our Rangers have 5-bolt rims.
I suspect your Ranger/Mazda is based on a different platform.
We don’t have the 3 liter turbo diesel
And Mazda doesn’t sell the BT50 over here
I’m also sad to say that Ford no longer sells any Ranger here.
I will miss it.