Ford Ranger Fast Idle

My 2001 Ranger 2.5L Fast idles at about 2500 RPM when started in the colder weather. It takes minutes to drop to about 1500 RPM then eventually to normal idle, it did not used to be that bad. Is there any cause of this or any adjustments or components that would remedy this condition?

How cold is “colder?”

Below 45 degrees

At that temperature my 2000 Ranger never fast idles above 1500rpms at cold start. You might get your OBD scanned. The air or coolant sensor may be bad. Also has anyone recently done any tune up work on the truck?

Just had plugs ,wires, egr valve & timing belt changed. Then had air idle valve changed, still the same. So u think the coolant sensor or air sensor should be replaced? Is there any way to check them?

Running a test on the OBD II will give you some insight into the system and possibly pinpoint the problem. If the computer is being told that the air temperature is 50 below zero you can’t be surprised that the idle speed is jumped up. But then the computer may be commanding 1200 rpm based on the throttle being adjusted to near stalling rpm when in reality the throttle is set to 1,000 rpm. You must see the live data to determine the cause of your problem.

Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking for a good diagnostic tool, it looks like now is the time, do you have any suggestions as to what to look for?

You likely have a laptop computer. I suggest you investigate the OBD II systems that link to windows. Some regulars here have them and they seem to be far superior to the old hand held scanner that I have. In fact I get the impression that the windows linkups are equal to or superior to the outrageously expensive systems sold by Snap-On, et al.

One thing to check is your thermostat. If it’s stuck In open then your vehicles coolant temp will not rise because it’s circulating the coolant. The sensor doesn’t detect a temp change therefore telling your vehicle to keep warming up faster