Ford Ranger Edge Fender Panel

Suddenly the driver’s side fender panel of my 2004 Ramger Edge is out of alignment with the door. The fender panel used to match up to the door panel. Now it extends out farther than the panel. I’ve not been able to locate any bolts that might have loosened up, either by looking underneath the truck or by opening the hood and looking from the top. Any suggestions?



Are you sure it is not the door that is out of alignment with the panel?

Yes. The door lines up all the way around even with the extended cab door. I am reasonably sure it is the panel.

You might have to take the mud flap off to see the adjustment. The last time I worked on my truck I think I saw something down there. As a matter of fact I think the mud flap is screwed to it.

I would check mine now but it is outside and it is raining a bit here.