Ford Ranger Brakes


I have a 2001 Ford ranger. Sometimes when first started ( after being unused for a number of hours) the brakes seem to not work at all. Depress pedal, car keeps moving. Pump a few times and all is Ok.

Any ideas?


You may have a problem with engine vacuum getting to the brake booster. The hose could be broken or collapsed or the one way check valve may be sticking. But have the booster vacuum checked. Otherwise, it could be a problem in the brake booster itself. BTW now you know how ineffective the braking action is without the booster.


Do you mean you need to pump it and then you can feel the resistance and it works, but no resistance when you first push the pedal and it just goes to the floor or do you mean you push it and you get resistance but little or no braking effect?

If the first I would suggest it is time for a new master or slave cylinder.