Ford Ranger bounce while turning?

I have a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0L.

The front end used to bounce quite a bit while driving. Having the tires re-balanced eliminated that. Lately, when I’m turning it bounces again. I notice it more when turning right. At high speeds it doesn’t happen. For example, when I exit the highway and I’m about to turn on a parallel street, that’s when I’ll notice it most. If I hit a bump while turning it only exasperates the problem.

Any ideas?

I think your suspension needs attention. It might be a good idea to let a good suspension mechanic take a look at your little truck. Check the air in your tires as well. A lot of people use the max pressure rating on the tire sidewall instead of the vehicle placard. Your tires are probably supposed to be in the 32 psi range. I saw a Mustang the other day with 80 psi in the tires. She had used a cheap air compressor with a bad gauge.

I go by the owners manual that states the front tires should be at 30 PSI and the rear at 35 PSI.
I have my own Craftsman air compressor and gauge/inflator.
I made sure they were at the proper pressure before I took it in, but maybe they changed the pressure to 32/32?

It’s possible because 32 psi is a common rule of thumb tire pressure. I run 32 psi in everything I own. Sticking with the owners manual is also a very good idea not only for tire pressure but for everything else as well.

Long delay, sorry I didn’t reply sooner…

I’ve verified it only bounces when turning right, at low speeds, if I hit a bump or pothole. I made sure the front tires were at 30 PSI and the rear at 35 PSI. I also paid to have all 4 re-balanced, just to be sure.

Still think it’s suspension? Anyone seen this and can get a little more specific?