Ford Focus Wheels

My Ford Focus needs two new wheels, size 16 x 6 inch. I could replace all four wheels at just a bit more money with new 16 x7 inch. Would the wider wheels effect handling, ride, fuel economy? Am I foolish to consider the bigger wheels and should I just buy the Ford oem wheels? Thanks in advance for your advice!

I’d look at to see what size wheels will fit your Focus. But I’d tend to stick with the stock size. If you’re wanting to improve handling (at a cost to ride, tire expense, and wheel expense) your better option is to see what they recommend for 17" wheels. A cheaper route would be to get better tires in your stock size.

The problem is that two of the original wheels are damaged. I need to replace wheels before considering tires. Many thanks!

If you are only replacing 2 wheels, you should definitely go with the stock size.

The wider wheels will, assuming you use the same model of tire, improve handling slightly. You probably won’t notice. It will also reduce winter driveability. The tires will be more expensive. Ride will probably not be noticibly effected. Fuel economy will, but we’re talking probably 1/2 a mpg or less.

Wider tires are much worse in snow, if that matters to you.

Check out for factory take-off wheels.

They may be less expensive than the dealer.

I would find a salvage yard that had a pair of oem wheels.

Match all four rims and tire sizes.

I would look into the used route as you might find someone who trashed one or two rims and wants to sell the others.

Thanks for the advice. $175 per wheel is the price quoted by AcherWheel. It would seem that Discount Tire’s price of $75 for a new MB compatible wheel is the choice, if the 7" width isn’t a big issue.

Have you checked salvage yards? You need to keep the same width all the way around. I assume these are alloy factory wheels.