Ford Focus water pump

Hi there,

I have a 2004 Ford Focus with a 2.3 liter Duratec engine. The car has done 65,000 miles.

My mechanic is recommending a preventative replacement of the water pump as he says he has seen a number of them fail in Ford Focuses of about this age.

Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Note that the 2.3 liter Focus has a timing chain, not a timing belt, which means that the normal practice of replacing the pump at the same time as the belt to save labor presumably would not apply.



I don’t agree with your mechanic’s idea of “preventive maintenance”

Water pumps get replaced

When the bearing is noisey and/or has play
When it starts to leak
When the impeller is SEVERELY pitted
When the impeller has broken off (more common with plastic impellers)

Unless he has seen any of these things I mentioned (or something that I forgot), leave the pump alone.

@db4690 I agree; I have replaced 3 water pumps over the last 40 years or so. In each case the started leaking and gave plenty of warning. It’s a different matter when the pump is driven by a timing belt, as we all know.

A number of high mileage cars went to the scap yard with their original water pumps, like my 1965 Dodge dart, 1957 Plymouth, 1948 Chevy.

If the cooling system is operating OK just keep driving ontil something happens that indicates you need a new water pumps.