Ford focus wagon

i have a ford focus wagon se…recently the a/c stopped working…push the button little green lite doesnt turn on and blows warm air…also the radios fm radio frequency has stopped working am works and cd player still works…i have fm frequency when i intially turn the radio on but after about 60 seconds it goes out…my a/c switch and radio are in the same location are these two problems related?

These two problems are very unlikely to be related. The circuits for tuning in FM will be internal to the radio and not at all linked to AC control. You’ll likely need a new radio unit if you want FM.

As for the AC, if you want to have it back you should just take it to a local shop that specializes in AC.

Likely replace the radio.

For the AC I recommend a real AC shop (they often also do radiators.) THey will have the tools and the knowledge to handle it. How old is your Focus?

my ford focus wagon is a 2002 Thank You for replying

would you go to a ford dealership with the ac problem?

No - you are very unlikely to need a dealer. Just find a LOCAL shop that specializes in heating & air conditioning issues.