Ford Five hundred limited cooling and A/C problems

I’m at the end of my rope! My 2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited has a constant problem with the A/C system and overheating. In the last year I’ve replaced the compress, expansion valve, dryer FOUR times. They have replaced the condenser, blower motor, and added Freon, and checked for leaks. It will blow cold when running fast and then blow hot. They have replaced belts pulleys, They have replaced the thermostat, fans, coolant reservoir, hoses. and it still overheats. In the last year I’ve spend $4,000 between repairs and rentals. I’ve taken it to 4 difference mechanics including two dealerships.NO ONE can seem to fix this problem. I can’t keep fixing this car and I can’t afford a new one can anyone help?

Do both radiator fans run when the AC is turned on?

Yes, they are both running.

The long road with many “unsolvable” overheating problems ends with head gaskets being replaced.

That sounds really bad.

Some ideas for the engine overheating problem.

  • Ask your shop if they can verify the radiator fans are running when they should, and at the correct speed. Doing the fan speed measurement requires special test instruments which some shops may not have.

  • Ask them to bleed the air from the cooling system to Ford’s recommended procedure.

  • Replace the radiator cap.

  • Take the car to a radiator speciality shop and ask them if it would make sense to recondition the existing radiator, or replace it with a new one. They’ll probably want to do a cooling system pressure test first.

I have a 2006 with the same air conditioning problem, everything that has been tried has not worked, if I am travelling it blows cool not cold, sitting idle I may as well have the heat on.
I found a thread on here that was closed 5 years ago with exact same problems I am having, there was some people who got the compressor changed, was this the Problem should I get this done?

I need some advise, for don’t seem to know what the problem is


The controls are electronic too and that can also be a problem. If the electronics don’t work right, the system won’t work right. There are a few parts that haven’t been changed yet but nobody seems to know how to test them. I don’t know either.

Scotty, I had the same problem just a couple of months after changing the compressor due to leaking seal. The A/C was working great, then all of a sudden would only blow cold when driving down the road. At idle it would be warm. At first I thought it was a bad expansion valve, which I replaced with no change. After much research, I learned that there is a scroll valve inside the compressor which causes the same symptoms as a bad expansion valve. After replacing the scroll valve, the A/C blew nice and cold again. I got the scroll valve through Autozone, much cheaper than a new compressor!

Scroll valve replacement: