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Ford Fiesta TDCi starts and stall immediately

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my Ford fiesta tdci 2006 model. I was driving one day and stopped in town for an hour or so.Then started the car and it started hesitate even on low gear. Then it would not even go past 20 kmph.The coolant temp was normal.Then all of a sudden after driving like that for a km or so then temp went very high and all the coolant leaked down.I let it cool down then started again this time the throttle wouldnt respond.The next day it would idle for 5-6 secs without any throttle response under 500 rpm and it stalled.I noticed black smoke from tailpipe. There was a leak in the fuel line so fixed it fine.Now the car will just start and stall immediately even if i depress the throttle.The OBD scanner showed no error code.The fuel pressure while i crank is 250 bar.The mechanics from dealer cleanned the EGR but no luck get it to stay running.I have no idea what to do.Please help.Thank you

What do you mean coolant leaked down? A puddle of coolant on the ground? If yes, you obviously have a leak somewhere in your coolant system.

Black smoke generally is caused by to much fuel being introduced into the cylinders. The cause could be one of many. Failed fuel injector, bad fuel pressure regulator, even a bad air filter. You could also have a broken vacuum line. A competent mechanics shouldn’t have much problem finding the cause.

Cleaning the EGR valve is fine, but shouldn’t have been the first thing to look at. A dirty EGR valve will not have the sudden impact you are describing, but a more gradually impact over a period of days or weeks.

Are you sure the fuel pressure read 250 bar? That is the equivalent to over 3600 psi. Fuel pressure should be around 40-55 psi. I am not sure what psi your car calls for.

Thank you for your reply.

No all the coolant fell on the ground near by the ECT sensor. Then i added water and restarted the starts but the car doesn’t move.If i even depress the throttle it dies.The fuel rail pressure showed something like almost 25000 kPa when the engine starts.The day before the call stopped running, I notice lag while i depressed throttle in 2nd gear and when i stopped the car there was huge amount of white smoke all over the road coming out of the tail pipe. The coolant preserver was empty so i filled it up and let it cool down and the car behaved normally. But after the incident i mentioned in the first post, the car just start and die. putting leg on throttle cant keep it running. I live in remote area and local garage mecs are no expert in ford engines… :frowning:

Never mind the psi I quoted, I converted to psi not to atmospheric pressure, but it’s still way too high.

Typically white smoke is an indication of a blown head gasket or even cracked engine block. The loss of coolant seem to support that. It don’t look good.

Except the smoke my main concern is about the engine idle problem as it fires up each time but doesnt idle even depressing the throttle.Could it be the MAF or Camshaft Sensor? There is no DTC or Check Engine light.

Note : Ford mechanics said to clean the injectors. If i unplug all injectors and
plugging one by one and try to crank. 3 Of them tries to fire
independently but 4th doesn’t respond at all.

FYI, 25000 kPa = 250 bar = 3600 PSI

ford says the diesel common rail pressure should be 250 bar while cranking the engine

The “d” in “tdci” refers to diesel I presume. The comments above about the high pressure refer to gasoline engines, which top at at around 60 psi. The fuel pressure is much higher in diesels b/c the fuel is injected directly into the already compressed cylinder. My guess is you’ve got a problem with the injection pump, but nothing more than a guess. A sticking EGR valve could definitely cause stalling at idle, but it is usually pretty easy for a shop tech to see that it is sticking open. The way I tell on my vacuum controlled EGR valves, I apply a hand held vacuum pump to it, and watch the little rod move back and forth. If I do that when the engine is idling it will usually stall the engine immediately.

Yes it diesel common rail and i think the 250 bar pressure is good as i was told by ford mechanics. After cleaning the egr valave the tested with that hand pump and the valve moves back and forth.But unfortunately it couldn’t keep the car from stalling. I have no idea even throttle cannot keep it idling…
Got the right software for my model to scan the ecu…lets see what Error codes it brings up…