Ford fiesta sounds like diesel when starts

Wondering anyone can help me my ford fiesta 2010 S when starting sounds like a diesel not sure oil or belt issue I have a video of it but won’t let me upload if anyone has an email address I can send the video for there opinion thank you

What is your oil level?
Is your CEL on?

No light is not on and oil is on first mark going to top it up tomorrow to see if that’s an issue

Think thats what it could be ? I thought maybe a belt issue

You have not said how many miles are on rhis across several posts.

The diesel rattle, in my experience is usually worn pistons. If it goes way when warmed up, don’t worry. Annoying but not harmful.

It’s 78k petrol when car starts it’s loud like a diesel once drive the noise settles and quietens sorry my knowledge on cars is awful hence why I signed up to ask for help

78K might be a little early for this but I had a 1 year old petrol Renault Laguna rental car in Sweden in the winter that sounded like a diesel every time we started it up. It had far fewer miles (or km) than your Ford.

What was the issue with that ?

I looked piston problems and sounds like my car tbh it starts sound like a slapping knocking noise once drive for few minutes sound quietens I’ll definitely top up the oil tomorrow as it’s a bit low and hopefully that’s the issue

What you’re probably hearing is called piston slap.

Piston slap occurs when the skirt of the piston slaps the wall of the cylinder as the piston moves up and down in the cylinder.

Then as the engine heats up and the piston expands, the piston slap stops and the noise goes away.

Piston slap isn’t harmful to an engine.

Just annoying.



This is the issue… and why I asked how many mile the car has on it.

And this…

So I don’t need to worry about getting new car or an expensive job to fix it at the moment ? And still safe to drive as normal ?


upload the video on Youtube then put the link on here

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Let’s see if I done it right let me know please thank you all

As piston slap progressed, in my old Subaru eventually it was picked up by the knock sensor and setting the relevant code periodically.
That code would get set in cold winter days, then I would have no code until the next cold winter night the year after.

This is the sound it’s making if anyone can share there views on what they think it is