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Ford F150 Transmission Problem

My Ford F150, 2000, has 181,000 miles.

At speeds over 50 MPH the transmission disengages and acts as though it were in neutral. I step on the gas and the engine only revs. When I slow down to about 35 MPH the transmission re-engages. but only until around 50-55 MPH when it disengages again. I checked the AT fluid which seems fine. Any ideas about what might be happening here?

Sorry I can’t answer your question, but has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

No, the fluid has not been replaced. Of course after reading about transmissions I now know that it should be replaced periodically. Thanks.

I am assuming that the transmission is trying to go into overdrive when it ‘neutrals’. Try manually shifting to ‘D’ and see if the transmission stays engaged. Also, when you check the fluid level after the truck has been driven a while ‘neutraling’, feel the temperature of the fluid. If it is scorching hot (don’t burn yourself), you know the problem is slippage versus nonapplication of the friction element.

With this many miles on the transmission, you are probably looking at a rebuild. Maybe Transman618 will pipe in and we both will learn something.

Hope that helps.