Ford F150 lariat 2001 leaking oil onto spark plugs is it worth a gamble for more miles?

My Ford F150 Lariat 2001 has 220 k miles - just started stuttering with engine light warning mechanic inspection says oil found on spark plugs - can’t afford a new second vehicle but its a gamble replacing the plugs to try and gain more miles - not worth the cost of fixing and finding the leak from the motor - replacing the plugs would cost about $600 more than 1/2 of that labor costs - no guarantee on how long new plugs would carry it - any experience with this issue?

If the oil is on the outside of the plugs, it is probably valve cover gaskets. If it is on the tips inside the combustion chamber it is not worth trying to fix.

If Valve cover gaskets and plugs ate too expensive for you, sell the truck to someone who will do the work themself. $200 or less for them.

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I agree spark plug tube seals shouldn’t be a big deal on this engine

They’re part of the valve cover gasket set, as oldtimer said