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Ford Explorer 2002 Leaking? Overheating? not sure what's going on

Hey all, was driving back from school yesterday and noticed a problem. When I would come to a stop, my temperature gauge would shoot up to almost the max and the light would come on. As I started driving, the temperature would go back down to normal and the light would turn back off. Pulled over to check out out what was going on, noticed my coolant tank was EMPTY! Filled the tank back up and it appears to be leaking slightly. Anyone have any idea of what could be going on? Broken water pump? Just a broke college kid trying to avoid going to the mechanic. Would rather figure it out and fix myself.

God bless

More than likely the coolant reservoir tank is cracked.

You have to keep that tank filled to prevent the engine from overheating until it can be replaced.

Because, there’s no radiator cap.


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Thank you! Going to take it off tomorrow and check it.