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Ford escort

I have a 1997 ford escort that will just die onme at random times took it to one shopand the guy wnats 400.00 to “put some chemicals in the engine to get rid of carbon buildup” any suggestions and no new car is not an option i am a poor premed student thnaks for your help

Find a trusted mechanic, from either CarTalk mechanics files on the home page, or from friends’ recommendations, and get a second opinion. I can’t imagine any chemical solutions worth $400. Can you get a list of exactly what he intends to do or clean? Removing carbon build up, if that is the problem, needs more than chemicals, in my limited experience.

Is your check engine light on? If so, go to a place like AutoZone and read the codes and post back.

$400 to put $10.00 worth of chemicals in the fuel tank. I got to open a quick oil change place.

Any error codes? How many miles on this puppy? When was the last fuel filter, air cleaner and spark plugs & wires?