Ford Escape versus Honda CRV


I am in the market for a small SUV. My long time mechanic recommends the Ford over the Honda. I was surprised. In addition, I have never had an American made car and I keep my cars for a longtime, so I am nervous about the Ford. Does anyone have any opinions? My mechanic says his Ford customers are happier and he sees them less often then his CRV customers.


It may be true in his small subset of customers. However Honda is wildly popular and people tend to hang onto them much longer, so of course as they age they incur more issues. The mechanic may just have an affinity towards Ford.

Your mechanic fixes/maintains the vehicle and does not live with it day to day. I would buy the one you prefer more.


My experience with Fords and Honda would lead me to purchase a Honda, although I suggest you drive both before you decide.

A Toyota Rav4 would also be on my list if I were shopping for this type vehicle.


I drive an Escape for work. They suck. They used to only kinda suck and then Ford detuned the engine or made first gear taller or something, and now that they do 0-60 in about a week, they really suck. Mine alone has had 2 AC problems, brake issues, poor interior trim fitting, and a few pieces falling off and we just got it last year, and the rest of our fleet is problematic as well.


Have you checked the repair records of CRVs in CR ? Your mechanic is not “your mechanic”…he’s looking out for himself and wants you to get something that he can make money from…down the line. He’s doing you no favor by recommending an Escape over a CRV or RAV4.