Ford escape hybrid - is it still a ford?


we’re looking into the escape hybrid. with it’s full surround of cheap plastic, does it ride and last like a mediocre american car or is it a good american option to the more expensive, better detailed japanese hybrids?


That’s kind of a loaded question… have you actually driven an American car made in the last 15 years or so?

To answer your question, the hybrid system is made by Toyota (the same one that’s in the Prius) but most everything else is made by Ford. They’ve been out long enough that there should be some meaningful information in consumer reports and elsewhere about reliability. I’d suggest that your idea of what feels like a cheap car is entirely subjective and your best bet is to go out and test drive one. You may be more comfortable in a Mazda Tribute hybrid, which is the exact same car with a Japanese badge.


I’m not sure it’s made Toyota, parts were licensed from them, though. Luan S. needs to drive one, see what they think…only other hybrid CUV is a Highlander, but I bet it’s much more $$$. If I had to pick one of the ‘big’ 3 to recommend, it’d be Ford. I bought one.


Ford has licensed certain Toyota patents to prevent IP-related disputes, and some of the hybrid components are made by the same sub-contractor that makes the Toyota components, but the design is not a Toyota design (as far as I know).

I own a 2007 escape hybrid and haven’t had any problems with it. I would certainly recommend this vehicle (assuming that your requirements match what hybrids are good at and you need something larger than a prius).


lol, I have to laugh at this. Cheap plastic… as opposed to all of that highfalutin rich man plastic that covers the interior of the Honda CRV?


According to consumer reports the Hybrid has above average reliability. The gas standard version is average(v6) to above average (4cyl).

If the interior bothers you the Lexus is nice with a significant price increase. Personally I am not a fan of Ford interiors either.


Who did Toyota license their hybrid technology from?