Ford eliminates a high-tech feature

I believe those cameras are required by law maybe going back to 2015.
I back into my driveway which gives me a clear view of pedestrians on the sidewalk. Driving forward out of the driveway is also much safer especially during the winter season with car shelters in place.

I have 3 rear facing cameras: one on the trunk and one each on the B pillars. They are all active when I back up. Despite that, I still use my rear view mirrors.


Self-parking feature is mostly electronic so it should be pretty cheap in production. My guess is that even ford doesn’t trust ford with advanced potentially dangerous technology. I definitely don’t.

My wife has the self parking feature and automatic retrieval, me. I don’t think she totally trusts it either.

Having grown up not far outside of NYC, and still with an apartment in the Bronx (my M-I-L’s old place), I’d love to see an auto-park handle some of the things I’ve done…For one thing, I’m sure it won’t play kissing bumpers which would just annoy me. And for another, it probably wouldn’t play “a little over the yellow line” at the end of the curb, or “a little bit closer to the hydrant than the law technically allows.” I like the human fudge factor - kept within reason.

Of course, many people just can’t park. When I’m at the Bronx place, which has an 8th floor terrace overlooking the street, one of my sources of amusement is having a drink on the terrace and watching people try to park. Are you kidding me? And I’m not even talking parallel - I mean like the end spot on the street is open and people can’t just pull in next to the curb, even without any backing or maneuvering. Insane. And inane. A lot of people need the auto-park, except those are also the ones who should not be driving at all.

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I have remote start on both of my 4Runners (2004 and 2018), never had a problem with either.