Ford 2000 xlt coolant housing problem

I have Ford 2000 explorer xlt with 4.0 OHV engine tried to fix it but the bolts keep snaping out on me and treads are just lossing no matter how many times i re-tread it… Im no mechanic just trying to do it on my own and im wondering if that housing is replaceable…

Yes it is replaceable and available at Rock Auto and other sources…

I think that is for SOHC engine…:disappointed: Thanks for reply.

Yeah thats the one that fits my 04’ Exploder I believe…

Do you know anyone with a welder?


For some reason they show that same part for both the OHV and SOHC, one of them is wrong, just don’t know which one.

Thank you… I do know someone but his on vacation until july :cry:

Ive just watch a video on youtube turns out i need to replace the whole thing in the picture because its attached on it… Anyone know what it call for that cover?