FORD 2.0 DOHC compression

98 Ford 2.0 dohc [vin 3] we reseat valves[in head]& then ck valves for sealing {vacuum tester on Kwik*Way Seat & Guide Mach. All valves show 20-25Vacuum,shows us that valves are seated BUT cust. picks up head , bolt on block , said even with camshaft loose & Lifters are out of head , STILL have [2] cyl.s that are Showing “0” Compression?? don’t understand what in the World is going on ? brought head back , Put head back on Vacuum Tester & ALL Valves Still show [20-25] on Vacuum Tester ? ALL other Cyl.s & Valves show same Vacuum & cust. said that all other cyl.s show to Good Compression ?

THANK U for any & all HELP


A cylinder leak down test will indicate why there’s no compression in a cylinder.