For those who think that domestics can't compete...see this


I’m sure many have heard about this already, and I know there was another vehicle that recently passed the 1 million mile mark, but I think this is a good reminder that with the proper maintenance, domestics (in general) can compete with the rest:



And not only did he hit a million miles, he hit it while using the truck commercially and hauling loads.


Yep, this has been around for a bit already too.


Yes, this is evidence that this is statistically possible. And good emphasis that good maintenance is important.

Consumer Reports, however, looks at the real data overall, at least the millions of bits of data that are submitte dto it. Ther are some domestic models that can compete in reliability, but by and large the reliability of imports is still statistically better.

Now, If you’d like to see th other end of the data curve, look a Land Rover!


Now if General Motors could just stop the bleeding! See where GM Reports $700 Million Loss at End of 2007 at

With these kind of losses, who is running GM, George W. Bush?


Be careful. Nearly all European imports are less reliable that American cars overall, including the really expensive ones like BMW and Mercedes.


Excellent point. And there are some other imports that can’t “cut the mustard”. And so many Toyotas and Hondas are designed and built in america these days. And so many GMs and Fords are badged or built elsewhere.

I just read in Automotive News that Ford is coming out with a “Platinum” $50,000 version of the F-150, even though their sales of large pickups have dropped. Go Figure.


No kidding, that’s pretty sad. I wish someone would step up and turn that company around.


I guess that means the trucks are likely to outlast the company that built them.


Didja see what GM execs have offered their employees? A 100% buy-out if the “regular” workers just leave . . . to allow “lees expensive” workers to start workig on the GM line. Holy Cow! Rocketman


The management is trying. They’re paying attention to their automobile line now and not so much to their truck line. Trucks were more profitable, so they ate their lunch in that market. Cadillac is competitive with the European high end cars. Buick is as reliable as Lexus. Even the 2008 Malibu looks good and is fun to drive. Motor Trend rates it second (Camry 1, Accord 3, Altima 4). Someone has stepped up and they are turning the company around. It just takes a long time to turn a supertanker.


Rocketman, does that give you some idea how well payed the UAW employees are? When they say less expensive they mean way less expensive. It should pay for itself in 3 or 4 years.