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Foiled again

Spouse insists lack of proper gas cap is not good for the general motor health.


Ya know, I lost it at the last oasis, and have been using a triple layer of aluminum foil through the many recent sandstorms.


She tells me she’s been told it’ll affect the timing in some way.


Is she right…? Is she partially right…? - could it cause any other issues besides grit-n-gas or lossa-gas-2-syphoners…? lossa-roadmap-memory-or-other-senior-moments.?


Whaddya thinks…?


As you can, ThanX for helping return us to tranquility base.

Since you asked, it’s a '93, S-10.

Assuming you are for real, your wife is wrong about one thing. She married a D^% fool. Get a proper gas cap.

BTW she is wrong about the timing, but that will be the least of your worries when you end up with the car if the shop because you favored duct tape and foil.

Gas caps are cheap. Some car owners are cheaper.

Is this a contest of some sort between you and the wife?

In a newer car, the “Check Engine” light would probably come on due to the evaporative emissions leak. I don’t think you’ll have that problem. The engine and driveability won’t be affected at all.

But for the sake of marital harmony, get a gas cap, for crying out loud.

Happy wife=happy life.

If it makes you feel any better, it is illegal to tamper with any emission controls on a car in the USA. The gas cap is definitely an emission control device. It controls VOCs, volatile organice compounds, gasoline vapors, in other words. So, your wife is right; spend a few bucks and put on a proper gas cap.

Your truck has a pressureized fuel system. Buy the gas cap.

Shell out the $12 for a proper gas cap.

They start at $4.11 at Rock Auto.

It sounds like it is already causing some issues. Read what you wrote. Then get a gas cap, just 'cause there cheap and easy to use. Then if that doesn’t work go to Dr. Phil’s website or Oprah’s. If that doesn’t work look in the yellow pages for a marriage counselor.

Hope this helps.

Come on, Mr. Meehan! The guy asked a car-related question. Why do you think it’s important to insult him on this forum where people are invited to ask anything they want about cars? What makes you so superior?

I agree with Mr. Meehan that the OP is being both incredibly cheap and extremely foolish to refuse to shell out such a small amount of money for his vehicle.

In addition to the other issues that have been mentioned, the OP is subjecting himself and others to a significant fire hazard in the event of even a very minor collision–all because of not wanting to replace a part that will cost him less than a couple of gallons of gas would cost.

This is a classic example of being penny wise and dollar foolish, and his wife is correct–even if her technical knowledge is a bit off-base.

Where do these people come from? Get a gas cap…