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Fluids under car after 90,000 mile tune-up

Hello, I was looking for some input.

I’ve got a 1998 Subaru that was just at the mechanic’s for a 90,000 mile service. The next day, I found a small blotch of very clean looking oil under the engine.

Today, about 2 hours after I got to work, I found a small puddle under the rear differential.

Is it normal to have fluids level-off after a tune-up, or do I have loose parts that need attention? Thanks!

Engine oil will settle once the engine has been shut off.

If the engine oil capacity has been poured in and the oil filter was not filled prior to filling the crankcase, the level MAY be slightly lower than required.

However, most techs will compensate for this by adding a little extra oil when doing the service.

The clean oil leak may be from a loose or improperly installed oil filter or perhaps the oil pan drain plug is not tight.

A puddle under the rear diff MAY be due to overfilling and some fluid is being forced out the vent (if so equipped).

I recommend you take the vehicle back where you had the servicing done and have them recheck their work.