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Fluids manuel transmission and clutch

1992 chevy 5 speed manuel transmission what kind of fluid?

Check your owners manual…Some GM manual trannys of that era used ATF Dexron-II.

I’m going to guess some sort of gear oil, but check your owner’s manual.

It’s amazing what goes into some manual transmissions these days.

thank u it’s not in the manuel

Then you have the first owner’s manual I’ve ever heard of that does not list lubricants for engine, transmission, and differential.

I concur…Every manual I’ve ever seen has engine lubricants listed in it. I’ve NEVER heard of this…and find it very hard to believe. I suspect it’s there and you NOT looking hard enough.

Thanks i’m looking harder

If you can’t find it in the owner’s manual, you could ask the guy at the parts counter at the Chevy dealership or the guy at the parts counter at the auto parts store. If fact, if you ask them both and they both get it right, you can be pretty sure they are right.