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Fluid refills and topping off

On my Kia sedona mini van I had the oil changed about 2000 miles ago and it needs some now I believe, but I don’t recall if they used 5w or 10w, so does it matter much which type I put in? Also, checking my oil, the mark is between the two lines, if the line was 0 and the top line was 10, it’s at about a 8 right now. Should I top it back to ten, aka full or just monitor it and refill when it gets closer the the bottom marking?

Also with my antifreze, in the resevior it is using the same system probably a 3. A couple weeks back it was at that level, I put in about enough to get it to a 7 level, and now it’s back down to a 3, but not sure why. It seems to like that level as it has not gone down anymore. Should I level it alone or put more in?

I’ve never seen a dipstick with that type of marking, however your owner’s manual will explain it for you. If it’s down only a fraction of a quart, you can safely drive on. It it’s down a full quart, you should add a quart.

Some oil usage in 2000 miles, even a full quart, is perfectly normal and healthy.

Re: the coolant, apparently either there was a bit of air in the system or “7” was high enough to allow some to flow out the overflow tube when the coolant heated up and expanded. Or, perhaps the difference was simply a result of the nights getting cooler. Consult your owner’s manual for details on how to interpret the levels.

There are no numbers on the dip stick, I just figured it would be easier to understand where the level is on the dip stick then saying it’s about this full or such. Is it okay to mix the types of oil?

Check your owners manual for the type of oil, it may be marked on the oil cap also. It will be something like 5w 20, 10w 30 etc. Whatever you manual says is OK, use a brand name oil. If you add a quart of 5w 20 to 10w 30 or the other way, no problem.

Don’t worry about adding anything until it reaches the lower line. That is the “add” line. Start with 1/2 quart of oil to bring the level from the bottom mark to the top. If it goes halfway, add the other 1/2 quart. Same for the coolant. It isn’t rocket surgery, just read your manual. Contrary to popular belief all cars are not the same.

Congratulations on paying attention to the fluids. You’d be amazed at the people who don’t know the oil is low until it is down 3 quarts and the engine is knocking.

I check my fluids at least 2-3 times a week right now due to a leak, but when I didn’t have a leak I was checking about once a week.

I would agree to check your owners manual but I’d put $5 in script that it doesn’t use 10Wxx. I would just leave it alone until it gets to at least 1/2 quart down which would be a 5 in your method. You really don’t need to add any until it gets one quart down or to 0 on your scale.

As far as coolant, the radiator itself may be a little below full so when you put some in the reservoir it goes to top up the radiator at the next heating/cooling cycle. If you have a radiator cap, you can check the actual level when cold. Otherwise it may be pushing the excess amount through the overflow. As long as it doesn’t lose more than what it has, I wouldn’t worry about it. Over four years, I added a cup to mine. Don’t know where it went but has been fine for a year again.

It usually says right on the oil fill cap what oil is normally used. Probably 0w 20 or 5w 20.