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Fixing mising clear coat spots

Not been my experience. I have some repairs on my truck over 3 years old with no issues. They are a laquer based paint designed for easy application by novices. Less durable than factory paint but this car isn’t new, its a 2011. What will the whole car look like in 3 years?

There are other suppliers. Some that offer urethane based base-coat and clear coats. They are actually better products that more closely match the paints applied at the factory but they are less novice friendly. But they can supply ANY color code whereas DupliColor is more limited.

Whether the paint sticks or not is mostly a fuction of surface preparation. After abrading the area as @mustangman said, clean the surface with alcohol on a clean wipe. Do not use baby wipes. They have other chemicals to reduce skin drying from the alcohol and can interfere with paint adhesion. Rubbing alcohol from the drug store works well. You could use paper towels or cotton swabs wetted with the alcohol.

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Like mustangman, my experience with rattle can touch ups is that if the surface is properly cleaned and prepped they last the life of the car. In the case of my Toyota pickups, that was many, many years. As a matter of fact, I have a ten year old rattle can touchup on my current car (I did a minor boo-boo a decade ago… scuffed the rear bumper cover on a parking post) that shows no sign of failing.

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I would re-clear the entire bumper. Most of the time, fixing small spots only will allow you to see the edge where the new clear coat ends.