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Five, ten Prius

Our March 31, 2005, Prius is close to 50,000 miles and we are thinking of adding a 2010 Prius now. Female (Presbyterian pastor) is primary driver. Male drives 1984 Toyota Corolla. Our other cars are bicycles, one a 1968 Schwinn ten-speed.

And your question is…?

If you are asking if we think that another Prius is a practical choice for you, that really depends on your typical driving patterns.

If you usually drive in stop-and-go urban traffic, it may be an ideal choice due to the vastly superior fuel economy in those conditions. On the other hand, if you do mostly expressway driving, it would take you a very long time to amortize the extra $6k-$7k cost for the Prius, as compared to a new Corolla.

Stop and go. Seven (or six) days a week to and from work daily round trip is 5.4 miles

Under those driving conditions, a Prius is a very good choice.

It depends on how happy you are with the Prius you have and how much the driving experience will be aligned for the other driver to that use. If the stars are aligned as well; go for it.