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Fit VS Matrix

I am very suprised that the 2 brothers do not recommend any Hondas. Is the Matrix really better than the Honda Fit?

Neither is better, both can be excellent choices depending upon need and options desired and available…example, you won’t get awd as an option in a Fit. You won’t get the handling and mileage in a Matrix…

The Matrix is a larger car. You can fit a full size clothes dryer in the back with the seats down, with room to spare. I can’t imagine a situation where the Fit’s handling is going to yield any advantage over the Matrix. Estimated fuel economy for the Fit is 27/33, Matrix is 26/32 with the 1.8 liter. My Vibe gets 37 mpg on the highway and never lower than 30 in town. Then again, fuel economy is impacted most by the habits of your right foot. The matrix is more car, a better value I think.

The Fit is not on the list of cars Tom and Ray have test driven. The Matrix, on the other hand, is, and it appears they have driven it recently. Perhaps that explains it. Would they recommend a car they haven’t driven? I think not.

Either that or it’s all the money Toyota sends them to say nice things about their vehicles.

And a Pontiac Vibe is even more value for your money. Same car, different badge, and usually cheaper.