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First-timer engine rebuild

Okay, so this isn’t strictly “automotive,” as the engine in question is off of a 1972 Honda CB 350 motorcycle.

I figured this engine would be a good first-timer rebuild due to engine simplicity, and the fact that (at 150# or so) it shouldn’t require an engine hoist to get out/in. Plus, it would fit my current bike when done.

Everything “practical” I’ve read about this says: “these engines and bikes are priced at ‘throw-away’ levels; it almost never makes economic sense to rebuild.” I know that; I just want the experience.

Any advice forum members would care to pass along? Agree/disagree with engine choice?

Don’t listen to them, Honda made GREAT engines, and this bike was a huge seller for them, so there’s lots of folks still interested. You’ll want to get the Clymer manual on it, and you may want to join a forum (here’s one: )

As for pointers, get lots of zip-lock bags, label everything, take lots of pics as you take it apart. Do you have an adequate set of tools?

Here’s the one I always liked:\04\15\bikepics-865232-full.jpg