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First oil & filter change

I have a new Mazda CX5 with 6,500 mi. on the odometer. I’m leaving on a road trip within 3 weeks and on this trip I’ll drive more than the recommended miles for the cars first oil & filter change (7,500) by about 600 miles. Should I get the O&F changed before I go, or wait until I return? This vehicle uses 0-20W synthetic oil.

I’d recommend changing it before you go. Fluids cannot be too fresh, only too old.

Besides, changing oil before it’s needed won’t invalidate your warranty. Not changing it early enough could.

Agree with Mountainbike… WIth that said, 600 over especially if most of that is highway is not going to hurt anything, so eather way you are going to be fine. Just make sure to check the level every now and again…

What they said. I’ll make the obvious recommendation to check your oil every so often, seems like some folk equate ‘oil change interval’ with ‘oil check interval’ - very bad!

I always do when I take a long trip and my estimated mileage will be over or even close to getting an oil change.

@ hikerman Do it before you go, but drive around a bit to make sure there are no leaks.

Does your car’s manual give a time frame for oil change, as in 6500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first?

You may already be overdue for an oil change. The advice given to change your oil before your trip is the best, but don’t forget the time element.

Everyone above is correct. An oil change now is recommended. And like gsragtop sez, a long highway trip on your existing oil won’t hurt a thing. Note you can also perform the service while on your trip, any time and any place.

Do you regularly (once a month) do the recommended checking and maintenance to your car?

Aside from draining and filling the oil and installing a new filter, there’s a lot more that happens during a “routine” 7500 mile oil change service:
Check and adjust tire pressure–including spare.
Rotate tires and visually inspect brakes.
Check and top off all fluids, including washer fluid.
Check all exterior lights, replace as needed.
Inspect wiper blades.
Check undercarriage and underhood for any signs of wear or damage.
Test battery if older than 4 years.

This is or should be a part of every oil change service, and it would probably be a good idea to leave on your road trip having these things checked, even on a brand new car.

Personally, I think you’re way overdue on an oil change; especially on a new engine break-in.

Read up on engine oil sludging problems and understand that sludging is caused by extended oil change intervals, driving habits, and enviro conditions.

I have one question for you. During this 6500 miles that you’ve put on the vehicle how many times have you raised the hood and actually checked the oil level and other fluids?

Your CX-5 has a direct injection engine–DI engines, I’ve heard, have a reputation for beating up motor oil. Consider following the “severe” maintenance schedule for your vehicle. See the Bob is the Oil Guy (BITOG) site for more info than you want. BTW, if you are hiking on your road trip, happy trails.

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