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First oil change

Reading the Subaru legacy 2015 maintenance requirements, they say that the first service and oil change are at 6,000, and all other maintenance is also at 6K miles.

But it also says that it’s OK to do the first change at 3,750.

I always heard that the first oil change should be done early, because it flushes out little metal particles that could damage the engine. But maybe that’s a myth or outdated info.

What would you do? Early oil change or 6K?

Either way is OK. If all your driving is in city traffic, I would change it at 3750 miles; otherwise go 6000.

After that stick to the schedule.

They’d have to be VERY little metal particles. Oil filters do a good job of catching anything sizeable.

Congrats on your new ride and kudos for reading the owner’s manual. It’s too bad more people don’t.

I agree with doc on this. And be sure to monitor your oil level between changes. It’s a good habit to get into even if you never need any.

See Myth #5 below:

As mountainbike said above, any metal particles large enough to be harmful will be caught by the filter.

Having said that, I prefer to err on the side of changing oil sooner rather than later. Yeah, it costs a few more bucks, but you’re protecting a $20k investment.

6000 miles unless your service is severe usage.

Bear in mind that most of us will qualify for severe. If it is not the stop and go, it is the temp or the dust or something else.

Good comments above. If you want to worry about something oil-related, focus on making sure the oil meets the specs for the car, you use the same oil brand/version consistently, and the replacement is a good filter. Price out the OEM oil filters at Subaru, they may not be much more expensive than the aftermarket ones available at the auto parts stores.

But it also says that it’s OK to do the first change at 3,750.

Not specific enough. Go for 3755.
What geniuses come up with some of these goofy numbers?

Way back in the day, manufacturing methods were a bit crude compared to today. Cars were shipped with break-in oil, which was straight mineral oil without wear modifiers. This was to properly seat the rings. This oil needed to be changed fairly quickly, at 500 miles IIRC. But, todays methods are much better and have eliminated this need. Engines are pretty much ready to go and have the appropriate oil in them before they are shipped. The need to change at other than regular intervals are not necessary.

I understand what y’alll are saying. but, when I bought my 2002 Sienna I changed the oil at 1,000 miles, and would do it again.

The manual (which is now missing) said to break it in gently, changing speeds. I spent many hours driving in the McAllen area just accumulating miles. I tend to agree that if it actually breaks in the oil should be changed. Right or wrong it was my car and changing it to soon did not violate the warranty.

3750 is half of 7500.

I changed the filter at 500 miles on our last new car and then the oil and filter at around 1000 miles. It may do no good but it makes me happy about what I did. Changing the oil and filter early on your new car could make you happy too.

Also, the car’s interval was originally specified in km. 6,000 and 12,000 km = 3720 and 7440 miles, respectively.

Round to 3750/7500.

I always do it early. I’ve owned quite a few new vehicles at this point in my life and early and often seems to work for the vehicle and my mind, makes me feel good. Happy motoring! Rocketman

"What would you do? Early oil change or 6K?"

The good news is that the manual is saying that you can do either and it won’t make any difference. Although you do need to consider the time factor. If you don’t drive 3750 or 7500 miles within 6 months, you should change your oil in 6 months.

What oil do the specify. Is it the 0w20 synthetic? I bought a 2014 Legacy that specifies that oil and it called for the first oil change at 3000, then 7500 and every 7500 after that.

Hondas and Acuras use (or at least used in the past) a special break-in oil with some kind of molybdenum additive that was supposed to be left in the engine for the full time. The manual specifically warned against an early oil change. I don’t know if any other manufacturers do this.