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First car for the niece

I have a 94 tracker. I used it for off roading. It has a full roll cage and 5 point harness. No air bags. What’s peoples opinion of giving this to my niece for her first car. No big tires or lift. Biggest worry I have is the door impact if she gets hit from the side.

Unless her driving will be confined to off roading, I wouldn’t do it. Besides lacking the safety equipment a new driver needs, these are short and high, an instant recipe for rollovers.

The Tracker was not known as the safest of vehicles. To me, this decision really depends on the alternatives. I would rather see her driving this than riding a motorcycle, but I would rather see her drive something safer if it is available.

Hey, Old Bald Guy! If You Have Any Apprehesions About Giving Her This Tracker, Don’t Do It!

Should there be an incident, involving this vehicle, you would never forgive yourself, because you are questioning your niece’s safety, and can do something about it now. You’d be better off selling it and putting her in something more “bullet proof”. She will be safer and you will sleep better. That’s my opinion. Good Luck!

I vote no-way on the Tracker as first car,I view these vehicles in beginning drivers hands as dangerous weapons,but now after experience is gained I have do not see a problem.You asked for opinions, just my humble one.

How is this vehicle in regards to maintiance and repair costs? As I remember they were not cheap for purchase when new.

Another no vote…I had a Sidekick and it was outstanding off road…better than a Wrangler in some respects. These same attributes made it untenable and unforgiving at speed in windy conditions. It’s a third world vehicle made for third world roads IMO.

I would have loved to get any car when I was a kid. When I was a kid and getting my driver’s license cars did not come with seat belts. I and many others like me survived. (I kind of wish I had seat belts in the car I learned on, I got in a chain reaction accident, I was #17 of 17 cars and one truck, and I lost two teeth.)

Of course, we don’t hear from those who didn’t survive…

Are You Making The Case That The Tracker Gift Is A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

What were you driving in that chain reaction? It sounds like the problem was just the lack of belts.

Would your wife want it? Your neice is way too inexperienced (assumed by the post…first car)a driver for this vehicle w/o safety equipment.


This vehicle is unsafe in exactly the kinds of situations that new drivers commonly get themselves into; entering off ramps and curves too fast, cornering too fast, and sudden evasive maneuvers made necessary by situations that more expperienced drivers would have avoided.

This vehicle should only be driven by a very experienced driver aware of its inherant instability and with the skills to compensate and stay out of trouble. And even then I’d want an air bag.

I was driving a 1969 Corvair.  I just got my license two weeks before.  It was early Thanksgiving and as I topped a hill on I-71 I was confronted with fog.  I pressed down a on the brakes a little, then I saw lights ahead so I hit the brakes a little more.. No effect: BLACK ICE!  The first vehicle was a jackknifed Semi, and a honeymoon couple went under it, will parts of them did.  I was almost stopped (in fact I almost get around) when it hit the stopped car.  Yea, with a seat belt, I would not have had any injury.  My father skinned his knee.

OK, I guess she gets the 84 wagoneer. 4 mph so she won’t be able to afford to drive it anywhere HA!