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Has anyone found aggressive financing options out there for a New car?


If you are financing through the dealer, then the cost of financing is just one more factory to bargain about. Dealers love to have as many different factors on the table as possible, it makes it more difficult for you and they can give a little where you want something and then add it and more back to whatever you are not sure of.

In 45 years of car owning, I have financed only two cars. My first (I borrowed $160 from my father) and my current car, when I financed a part of the total cost for about 6 months when a CD matured.

I suggest most people would be better off taking the financing out of the computation by first finding the car and get the best deal from the dealer for cash or financed then go to your bank and ask them if they can beat that finance deal. Likely they can.

Good Luck

If you have a credit score over 800 and don’t mind 12%-14% interest, financing is no problem…

You are better off looking at your bank or credit union.

But I haven’t looked. I don’t finance cars.

What are “aggressive financing options?” Please explain.