Finally... A Thread with All of the Answers

You can now refer people here to give them a response to their car question by number. Below is a list of a few common ones to get the thread started.
Add your own and eventually this thread will have every response and/or answer to every car question!

  1. Check your owner’s manual

  2. You’re way overdue for a timing belt change.

  3. Here’s a list of interference/non-interference engines -

  4. Use the coolant made for your car’s radiator. No substitutes.

  5. Check your driver’s side door placard for recommended PSI for your car’s tires

  6. Have the code read and post it here

  7. No. Don’t buy that car with the CEL blinking

  8. How often do you check your oil?

  9. Yes, you caused damage when you drove (insert # here) miles with no oil in your engine

  10. Don’t go to Iffy Lube but if you do, don’t buy anything they want to sell you

  11. Use the oil that your owner’s manual tells you to use (see #1)

  12. Yes, it’s okay to top off 5W-40 with 10W-40 oil

  13. If a car salesman tells you that noise in the car he sold you last week is normal, it is NOT normal

  14. I’m not impressed that you have 500,000 miles on your engine and your car runs like new and I think you’re lying about it

  15. No, Fram oil filters are not bad for your engine

  16. Yes, Fram oil filters are bad for your engine

  17. It sounds like a fuel problem

  18. It sounds like an electrical problem

  19. No, you cannot repair that tire with the nail in or near the sidewall

  20. Don’t ever go to that mechanic again!

  21. If your owner’s manual says that your car REQUIRES premium gasoline, use only premium gasoline. If it RECOMMENDS premium gasoline, it’s okay to use regular gasoline

  22. What? You paid $45000.00 for your car but you can’t afford premium gasoline?

  23. An urrrrrrrgggg noise coming from your brakes means something different than a squeeeeee sound - so what is it?


Well I don’t guess I’m needed here anymore.

24.) Edit your post to the point that someone can actually understand what your problem is.
Just to be clear I was adding to your list Joe, not commenting on your post.

Add “42” and delete everything else.

"Add “42” and delete everything else. "

Might work for dyslexics…

@jtsanders, nice use of the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

@ #4 switched from dexcool to peak global lifetime, no regrets and much happiness.

#10 wife using quciky lube for 25 years, no problem.

15 and 16 fram good fram bad, make up your mind!

See 24 for my response.

Gee thanks Joe…I guess I need to find a new hobby now.

Thanks, Carolyn.

25.) Leasing a car is ALWAYS a bad idea (unless it isn’t).

Maybe the DIY repair book “Fix Your Ford” isn’t the right one to use for servicing a 2015 Ford F150.

It seems we discuss numbers 7 and 9 quite often, at least on this website

Speaking of octane . . .

When I was at the Benz dealer, many of the customers would brag to me that they exclusively use 87 octane. So many times, I wanted to tell them what a cheapskate they are, that they don’t deserve to drive that luxury car, if they cheap out at the filling station. But I just looked at them and nodded my head, without actually saying anything. When you’ve got nothing good to say, perhaps it’s best to say nothing . . . ?

It gets “better” . . . some of these “high class” customers would call the free Benz roadside phone number, so that the guy would go to their house and fill 5 gallons of 91 octane. Because they had supposedly/apparently run out of fuel

I didn’t do roadside, but I regularly talked to the roadside guy. He said it was always the same “customers” who were pulling those antics. I put the word in parentheses, because as far as I know, these losers didn’t actually spend any money at the dealership. Maybe to initially buy the car, but never again afterwards.

  1. Does anyone have a Ford Prefect?
  1. Get the DTCs. Shut up, go to the car, and pull the DTCs. THEN we’ll talk.

I followed this post to get some of my more important questions answered.

  1. Now that my ear hair has gotten long enough, should I cut it…or braid it into dreadlocks and replace my suspenders with them?

  2. How long can I save my belly button lint, I’m thinking of making a pillow with it?

  3. Why does my wife sneak out at night and turn down the air to 68*, then sleep with two quilts?

  4. If I add a roll of Rolaids to my pot of chili will I head off the heartburn?

  5. Where did all my right hand gloves go?

  6. When I forgot my wifes birthday, and told her “You lie so much about your age…I thought we were skipping a year”. Why did I have to buy dinner all week?


There is only one problem with this whole thing… You are asking people to ACTUALLY READ SOMETHING!!! Its a failure from the start… LOL


DB4690 writes …

"When I was at the Benz dealer ... I wanted to tell [some of the customers] what a cheapskate they are

Your story reminds me of what happened to a newly wealthy Silicon Valley scientist. He had been relatively poor all his life, drove a 15 year old Honda Civic to work, as far as I could tell he never bothered to wash it. An immigrant supporting his young family, but always had a very pleasant and happy disposition. Then he got hooked up w/a successful hi-tech company and his stock options vested, all of a sudden he had more money than he knew what to do with.

A year or two after all this happened, I see him over at Costco, standing outside. I say “hi”, ask him why he’s there. He says he’s getting new tires put on his car, and he’s very worried. And indeed he looks very worried. Later I see why, his car is one of those super-expensive very-shiny Benz models. He’s worried the Costco tire guys are going to scratch it! … .lol …

Thank god that nobody is going to read this thread and we will still be asked the same questions. Gives me something to do.