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Filling out for a Duplicate Title Help

I am not sure about all of the information that I need and I don’t remember alot of it. What do I need to get a duplicate tite?

State Of Residence? I Would Go Online To Your State’s Secretary Of State (DMV) And See If The Information Is There.

You can also give a call to the local office.

There can be variables involved. It could matter if the car is from another state, the car has been unregistered for a long time, you don’t have a current registration, etcetera, etcetera. They can inform you.


CSA is correct.

No matter how well-meaning anyone in this forum might be, their advice regarding the policies of your “mystery state of residence” is totally unofficial.

Go to the ultimate source, namely the folks at the DMV in your state. The information may be available on their website. If not, their customer service phone line should be of help if you are willing to wait “on hold” for an extended period of time.

This site may be convenient, but if you are given the wrong information, you will be in store for lots of legal problems. And, that would be true even if we did know the state in which you reside.

These guys beat me to my answer. You’re asking the wrong people. You should be asking the representatives at you state’s DMV office.

We only give legal advice.

Some members of this forum have even been known to give illegal advice!


So have some lawyers!

Thanks very much for all your replys. I called the office today, I knew I should have in the first place but you know how people love to give you the run around and it drives me bonkers. The state was for AL but I live in IN now. Can I sell a car with a bill of sale? WIthout having the title but haveing all the proper information on the bill of sale?

What did “the office” tell you when you called?
Did you ask about selling a car with just a bill of sale but without a title?

Once again, you’re asking the wrong people. State laws vary, and what would be correct for NH may not be correct for you.