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Fiat Palio Antifreeze/AC problems I hope it's not more!

Hey, we have a 2004 fiat palio, a few months ago the car overheated and we put some more antifreeze in the car. About a month and a half ago the air conditioner stopped working correctly. Every time we turn on the AC we hear a click and the AC doesn’t get cool for a little while, at least while we are stopped (it also seemed to click a bit every time I put in the clutch), when we are moving the AC seems to work normally and after a while it seems to work normally even when stopped. We went out of town for a couple weeks and came back and the car seemed fine until yesterday when it overheated, I checked the antifreeze and sure enough it was empty. We have not seen any leakage. So we bought some antifreeze and filled the car up. About two hours ago we checked the antifreeze again just to check and it seemed much lower than it should be (again no leak as far as we can tell) I topped it off again and drove to the store, unfortunately I am not very car savvy to say the least and left the top of the antifreeze, we stopped at the store and I ran in and left my girlfriend in the car with the car running, needless to say all the antifreeze spilled out into the parking lot. I had a bit more antifreeze so we let the car cool down, cleaned up a bit and topped it off again and drove to our house, the car seemed to drive fine, it smelled a bit, but seemed fine. I really have two questions, one could we have some kind of leak or other problem, and who should we see about it? Two is it dangerous that the engine was just covered in antifreeze by my stupid mistake?